The Vacation Curse

Every time my parents go on vacation, something bad happens. This complicates what would ordinarily be (and often still is) a wonderful time for me. I can watch what I want on TV, sit wherever I'd like, feel free to be grumpy and antisocial, and, perhaps the best thing (at least for my procrastinating self), I can always clean later. And then disaster strikes...

Three years ago when my parents went on their annual trip, they left a newly redecorated house behind them. Then the roof began to leak. The freshly painted hallway ceiling began to sag and drip. My older brother decided not to ruin the last few days of their vacation with bad news, so he put a bucket under the drip and did nothing. I was hardly home at the time, so I let him deal with the problem (or not deal with it, in this case). Needless to say, my parents were not happy.

Two years ago, same annual trip, different issue. The air conditioner broke. I'm sure it was at least 100 degrees that week. It was so hot, my dinner one night was a watermelon. I couldn't bear the thought of eating anything else. I was too hot. My brother, not having learned his lesson, suggested we do nothing until my parents got home. I called the AC people. My parents were much happier when they came home that year.

Last year, my mother went on vacation by herself. My father couldn't leave town for several reasons. Apparently it takes two to activate the curse. Nothing happened.

This year, oh this year...My grandmother had been having fainting spells. Turns out she had a heart condition and needed a pacemaker. This was discovered, of course, while my parents were on vacation. This time, my brother and I both pitched in and, with some help from our uncle, made sure everything was taken care of both before and after her surgery.

My mother also has a habit of breaking her teeth on vacation (as if the problems at home aren't enough). So, if they want to avoid disaster (and broken teeth), the solution is simple: they should never go on vacation again. Somehow I don't think the threat of impending doom will stop them.


Joan said...

Teeth can be capped, houses can be fixed (thanks for your help!), vacations, once lost, can not be reclaimed!