A Few of My Favorite Things

Thing One: C. O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy

My hands have a tendency to get dry in the winter. Really dry. Painful, cracked, and bleeding dry. I tried every heavy duty lotion I could find, I put on thick layers of said lotion and slept in gloves, and applied the icky stuff multiple times a day (I hate the feel of most lotions). Nothing worked. Until this. I put on a thin layer of Chapped Hands Remedy every night and it works wonders. I don't even have to reapply during the day. It smells nice too. Kind of lemony, and definitely non-girly, so if your man has rough hands, buy him some. It's a bit expensive, but one bottle lasts for quite a while. Of course, I do have abnormally small hands, so that might have something to do with it...

Thing Two: Gaelic Storm

Think traditional Irish music meets Blue Collar Comedy Tour. The music is well played and some of it is quite funny, but the band members themselves could make a living as a comedy group, never mind the music.

Thing Three: Maggie Moo's

For those who haven't been, Maggie Moo's is like Cold Stone Creamery. They take whatever ice cream you want and mix in whatever combination of toppings you would like to add. As someone who prefers ice cream of moderate richness, I find Cold Stone too creamy. Maggie Moo's is just right. I also appreciate that they have ice cream cupcakes. I love ice cream cake, but I will eat way to much if I get a whole one (I don't believe in wasting desert). Even if you love Cold Stone, you should give Maggie Moo's a shot.


Mandy said...

"Think traditional Irish music meets Blue Collar Comedy Tour."

That sounds...interesting.

Slightlycracked said...

Oh, it is. I have the DVD if you want to borrow it.