Favorite Authors, Part 2

Sherri S. Tepper

Of her many books, I have read A Plague of Angels, The Companions, Beauty, and The Margarets. I picked up A Plague of Angels at the library simply because I liked the title. I found the beginning of the story a bit slow, but I kept reading anyway, and I didn't regret it. I read The Companions next. A SciFi mystery of sorts with a very detailed set of worlds. The same could be said of The Margarets. Both are very much worth reading. Beauty is very different from the other three. It is all your standard fairy tales, retold in one book and in a very unusual way.

My only complaint: In one aspect of these stories, I found them a bit unoriginal. For those unfamiliar with SciFi, I will explain. A somewhat common theme in this genre is what will happen to the Earth if humans don't take care of it. It seems a popular idea to have humanity living in squashed highrises with hundreds of stories (buildings made possible by the technology of the future, of course) with population control laws in effect. Sherri S. Tepper apparently agrees with her peers. This doom and gloom approach gets a bit tedious after the 6th book from the 3rd author...

And I do suggest, if should decide to read one of her books, to start with The Margarets or The Companions. Of those I've read, they're my favorites.

Ovreall Rating: Several Stars